Stop Smoking Now and Live Longer, Healthier Lives

One of the best things that you can do for your overall health and well-being is to stop smoking. Learning how to stop smoking is easier now than it has ever been. There are all kinds of aids available, from nicotine gum to support groups. It may take some time and patience to find the right program or the right combination of aids, but it is well worth the effort.

Why is it worth the effort? Over 400,000 people die each year from diseases that could have been prevented, if only they would have quit smoking. If you stop smoking now, no matter how old you are, you decrease your risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Some “stop smoking programs” are more effective than others. To learn about one of the most effective ones, please visit

You also decrease your risk of dying from a heart attack. People who smoke are twice as likely to die from their first heart attack as people who do not.

If you stop smoking now, your risk of lung cancer will be reduced by as much as 5% for every two years that you do not smoke. That means that after 10 years of being “smoke-free”, your risk of developing lung cancer will be as much as 50% less than your friends who continued to smoke.

One of the Best Ways of How to Stop Smoking

The desire to stop smoking is a start but there is a lot more required in order to be free of tobacco. One of the critical reasons to stop smoking is quite simply to avoid dying because of it. Remember though that knowing how to stop smoking is only part of the process involved in quitting your addiction. The best way to stop smoking is to combine Commit with an individualized support program like Committed Quitters. We believe that just to stop smoking is not enough. The only way to stop smoking is to stop the emotional addiction to nicotine along with the unconscious drive to smoke. If you are one of the people who need to build willpower to quit smoking, this article is for you.


Quit smoking is the way to improve your mental health. Quitting smoking will improve how you look. In order to quit smoking, you need to find out why smoking is so addictive, and figure out a plan to STOP SMOKING. Today there is a lot of good information in this post to help you decide that to quit smoking would be the best decision you ever make.


You will not only receive some valuable tools for quitting the nicotine habit, but also learn that there is not an “easy or quick fix. Is there an easy way to stop smoking? The key to stop smoking is actually amazingly simple and easy. Empower your intentions and create an unbreakable will to quit smoking. Identify and leverage your personal values in the stop smoking process. Master your emotions and make it easy and fun to quit smoking. Ask powerful questions that facilitate and encourage “real change” understand your urges and learn to accept them without smoking intervene in the right manner and moment to ensure your success Change the way you think about smoking for the rest of your life

Do you know why people fail to stop smoking? Once you realize how easy this process really is you will begin eliminating every single habit you no longer want as a part of your life. Now let me introduce you to the easy way to stop smoking once and for all.


You might already see another important therapy namely Stop Smoking Tea. This tea gradually reduces your urge for smoking and at one point of time makes you feel that cigarettes are not worth it. Today, it is seem that the Easy Way to Stop Smoking has an almost 95% success rate, which is undoubtedly the highest success rate among all smoking cessation techniques, perhaps only equaled by Stop Smoking Tea, the very effective herbal stop smoking remedy. What can I tell you about an herbal remedy to quit smoking? There’s a lot of reason for you to choose this alternative of stop smoking.

Undoubtedly the best reason to stop smoking is because you want to, and you feel it’s the right time to quit. The only way to stop smoking is to overcome the psychological dependence on tobacco and the physical addiction to nicotine.

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Stop Smoking Symptom – Withdrawal And Side Effects

When you stop smoking there is a good chance you will experience a stop smoking symptom or two. These are caused by the withdrawal effects of nicotine and by the side effects of changes in your body from not inhaling the toxins in tobacco smoke. An unpleasant stop smoking symptom may give you an excuse to start smoking again. Don’t let it!

Stop Smoking Symptom #1: Chesty Cough

When you stop smoking, your lungs are presented with an opportunity to clean themselves. As this will be the first time in probably many years for them to clean themselves up, they will go for it! It is perfectly natural for them to do this too.

Stop Smoking Symptom #2: Sore Throat

When you stop smoking, the environment in your mouth and nose changes from what has been normal whilst you were smoking. When you smoke, there is a need for your mouth, nose and throat to be well lubricated to cope with the tobacco smoke. When you stop, the lubrication levels are excessive to your needs.

Stop Smoking Symptom #3: Coughs and Colds

The change in your mouth, nose, throat and lung environment from stopping smoking is considerable. There is an excessive amount of fluid sloshing around and this provides an ideal environment for bugs to make themselves at home. The net result is an increased likelihood of suffering coughs, colds and sore-throats.

Stop Smoking Symptom #4: Bad Breath

When you smoke, your mouth waters. As a new non-smoker, instead of getting this rush of mouth watering 20 times a day, your mouth can become parched by comparison to how you would normally be. This dryer environment often causes a build up of unpleasant anaerobic bacteria at the back of the mouth. These bacteria give off ‘volatile sulphurous compounds’ that don’t smell good.

Stop Smoking Symptom #5: Headaches and Light-Headedness

When you stop smoking your blood’s ability to operate improves rapidly. When you smoked, your blood became handicapped from carbon monoxide but this handicapping passes very quickly once you stop.

Stop Smoking Symptom #6: Constipation

When you smoke, the nicotine in tobacco affects your intestines, relaxing the muscles. This helps your digestion and keeps you regular. When you quit smoking, this therapeutic effect of nicotine is no longer there and you may suffer from constipation.

Drink plenty of water and try to up the fibre in your diet to help the situation. Fruit and vegetables of any sort should help along with wholegrain cereals or bread.

Stop Smoking Symptom #7: Mood Swings

You are in a state of nicotine withdrawal and as mentioned above, your brain is bathed in high oxygen, low sugar level blood that it is not used to. Much as alcohol can change your behaviour, a lack of nicotine, more oxygen and less sugar can easily have you change your behaviour. Luckily, it is short lived and should pass within a couple of weeks but to help, try to avoid alcohol and caffeine where possible to minimize the situation.

Stop Smoking Symptom #8: Insomnia

For much the same reason as the mood swings, you may also suffer from insomnia as a result of nicotine withdrawal. To help overcome this, use any methods you can think of to help yourself relax including avoiding any stimulants such as tea or coffee after around 6pm.